04 Mar, 2024
7 mins read

DIY Mobile Repairs

So, you’ve dropped your phone again, haven’t you? And this time the screen is acting funny or the speaker sounds like it’s trying to communicate in Morse code. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. The natural wear and tear of our trusty mobile companions, combined with accidental bumps and spills, can leave our devices in less […]

7 mins read

The Battle of OS: Android vs. iOS

In the digital age where your smartphone is virtually an extension of yourself, the ongoing debate around the superior operating system – Android or iOS – continues to gain momentum, especially in regions like South Africa. It’s not just about the snazzy features or the brand name; it’s more profound, delving into user experience, accessibility, […]

6 mins read

Smartphone Notches and Punch Holes

In the fast-paced world of smartphone design, few topics spark as much debate as the infamous notch and its sleeker cousin, the punch hole. With phones getting slimmer and the race for bezel-less screens becoming more fierce, companies are innovating ways to house the essential front-facing camera and other sensors. While the aesthetic appeal of […]